Happiness, health and shareholder value

A workshop with the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

HOOPP workshop

In May 2016, the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) hosted its 2016 Leadership in Environmental Advancement Program (LEAP) conference to address health, sustainability, and environmental issues. Happy Cities participated by conducting a compelling keynote and an engaging workshop. The guiding theme of the conference and workshop was: How can improving wellbeing build shareholder value.

With help from our team, HOOPP property developers, managers and other staff and allies explored how to use emerging evidence on wellbeing to boost the health and happiness of tenants and build shareholder value throughout their portfolio. Building on this evidence, participants developed their own wellbeing principles and brainstormed ideas on how to achieve them. These recommendations displayed a strong link between urban design, wellbeing, and shareholder value.

The participants identified how designing for wellbeing can boost shareholder value by improving elements like customer retention, pedestrian footfall, and improving the developers’ reputation. The participants identified specific interventions, such as building community spaces and public plazas, providing infrastructure for active transportation, and even building a diversity of housing options.

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