Happy Homes

The world’s first interdisciplinary research-action initiative to boost sociability and equity through the design of multifamily housing.

How do we — as planners, developers and policy-makers— promote sociability through multi-family housing design?

In 2015, Happy Cities began conducting research into the relationships between social interaction, wellbeing and multifamily housing. We found that thoughtful design can help address social isolation and build community resilience in multi-family settings. Thanks to the support of BC Housing and the Real Estate Foundation of BC, we’ve been able to continue translating evidence-based conclusions into smart design and action steps.

Developers, planners, architects and health authorities joined in our research, helping us understand the policy barriers and design challenges they face. Together we’ve begun laying pathways to building multi-family places where people are happier, healthier and more connected.

Click on the images below to learn more about the different phases of the Happy Homes project and download the free reports and toolkits.

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