Regina accessibility plan

Happy Cities and Meaningful Access Consulting are working with the City of Regina to create an Accessibility Plan, to ensure that everyone can participate fully in community life.

photo of a pop-up event for the regina accessibility plan. people gather under an outdoor tent to share their thoughts, while kids play with a large jenga game beside the tent
A pop-up event for the Regina Accessibility Plan, outside the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Everyone—regardless of age, background, or ability—deserves equal access to City spaces, programs, and services. Together, Happy Cities and Meaningful Access Consulting are working with the City of Regina to create the City’s first-ever Accessibility Plan. Through this Plan, the City will strengthen its commitments to becoming an age-friendly and accessible city, ensuring that everyone is able to fully join in community life. 

The Plan aims to centre the voices of people with disabilities, older adults, caregivers, and support and advocacy organizations, while also hearing from a wide range of community members about their experiences with accessibility in Regina. To hear from the community, Happy Cities and Meaningful Access Consulting are conducting several engagement activities, including a survey, interviews, online and in-person focus group discussions, and pop-up events in neighbourhoods across Regina.

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What is an accessibility plan?

An accessibility plan seeks to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to access in areas municipal spaces, programs, and services. It may address areas including the built environment, transportation, programs and services, communications, technology, financial services, and more. It should be shaped first and foremost by people with disabilities, in addition to care partners, advocates, community-based organizations, older adults, municipal staff, and the wider community. By removing barriers to access, accessibility plans make it easy for everyone—regardless of age, background, or ability—to fully participate in community life, creating better wellbeing outcomes for all community members.

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