Sea2City: Envisioning a resilient future for False Creek

Happy Cities is excited to be part of one of the two design teams selected to participate in the City of Vancouver’s Sea2City Design Challenge.

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Vancouver’s False Creek Sea Wall. Photo: Kyle Ryan / Unsplash

Waterfront areas are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including sea level rise, storm surges, and flooding. To respond to these challenges, and to imagine a more resilient future for the False Creek area, the City of Vancouver launched an international design challenge.

Happy Cities was excited to participate as a member of one of two design teams selected to participate in Vancouver’s Sea2City Design Challenge. The challenge sought to address four primary goals:

  • Explore coastal adaptation approaches that respond to the social equity, economic, and ecological challenges posed by sea level rise and coastal flooding
  • Investigate coastal adaptation approaches for sea level rise beyond one metre
  • Expand Vancouver’s toolbox of coastal flood management approaches
  • Increase public awareness of climate change and sea level rise

To view the final project outcomes, please visit the City of Vancouver’s project website:

Watch the video:

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