Streets for People in 2020

City of New Westminster

How can cities maintain pandemic restrictions while encouraging people to get outside and have fun? By making sure people have enough space.

On May 11, 2020, the City of New Westminster passed the Streets for People in 2020 motion, which City Staff to accelerate already planned reallocations of road space. Streets for People in 2020 is an initiative to support more walking, wheeling, and biking on streets, sidewalks, greenways and in business areas of New Westminster. It  accelerates other City initiatives to increase the use of sustainable modes of transportation, and work toward reallocating 10% of the city’s road space to sustainable transportation modes by 2030.

Happy City is working with HUB CyclingPasqua Consulting and the City of New Westminster to develop an implementation plan, conduct a public life study, engage people through pop-ups and focused engagement and deliver activation events to raise public awareness and support for the Streets for People in 2020 initiative.

Accessibility at the Streets for People Pop-Ups

Monday, September 28th | 3-5 PM @ McInnes St. Overpass 

The activation will be set up on a flat section of grass next to the street. There is a curb cut to access this grass. Unfortunately, we are not aware of accessible washroom facilities near the site. If you have questions or need support with accessibility or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our staff and volunteers by email at

Friday, October 2nd |  3-5 PM @ 9th Street between 4th Ave. and Kennedy St. 

Accessible washrooms are located three blocks away at Starbucks and Tim Horton’s. The intersection where the event is taking place includes paved streets and sidewalks. It has curb cuts on all four sides. There are calm green spaces adjacent to event sites.

Wednesday, October 7th | 3-5 @ 6th St. and Sixth Ave.  

Accessible washrooms are located within one block of the site at Tim Horton’s and Starbucks. The intersection where the event is taking place includes paved streets and sidewalks. It has curb cuts on all four sides.

Shop Local Challenge

It’s more important than ever to support local retailers and sustainable transportation. Learn more about HUB’s Shop Local Challenge and register to participate here!

If you are unable to register online, for any reason, please get in touch with us at for support.

McInnes Overpass + Cool Streets – Self-guided and guide tours: Walking and/or Biking

From Friday, September 25 to Monday, October 12, get to know your city a little better by walking, wheeling, or rolling! In support of the Streets for People in 2020 project, the City of New Westminster, HUB Cycling, and other local partners have teamed up to provide a family-friendly self-guided tour highlighting points of interest around town. A PDF map will be provided for you to follow along highlighting fun facts and places to explore. Do the tour and be entered to win $200 to any local business in New Westminster of your choosing! The PDF map will be available on HUB’s website soon, along with instructions for how to enter the prize draw.

Visual stories explaining what to expect can be available upon request for guests with autism or those who may experience anxiety. Download the visual story for this event. 

Read our COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Engagement to learn what Happy City is doing, and what you can do, to stay safe while participating in our programs. All activations take place on the unceded territories of the Qayqayt First Nation and traditional territories of Coast Salish peoples. 

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