Emma Avery

Urban Planner & Communications Specialist

Emma is an urban geographer, storyteller, and designer with a multidisciplinary background in anthropology, journalism, and urban planning. She leads communications at Happy Cities, translating research and best practices into compelling stories that show the power of urban design in influencing human wellbeing. Her combination of urban planning and communications skills ensures our communications are both accessible and engaging, distilling complex planning concepts into creative graphics, stories, and reports.

Emma has worked to create happier and healthier communities through a wide range of public engagement, policy, and research projects at Happy Cities. She has completed urban planning, graphic design, and communications work for municipalities across North America—all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida to Vancouver, British Columbia. She brings expertise in consulting work on active mobility and best-practice bicycle infrastructure

Emma completed her Master’s degree in Urban Geography at McGill University, where she conducted federally-funded research on new master-planned smart and green cities with the New Cities Lab.

Projects Emma has worked on

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