Tristan Cleveland

Healthy Communities Researcher
Tristan Cleveland
Tristan is a community designer, PhD researcher and urban columnist. He leads our Healthy Communities research and speaks about our work around the world.

Tristan’s PhD research with the Dalhousie Healthy Populations Institute focuses on finding solutions to operationalize healthy communities. He is a respected commentator on urban planning and design, with work published in Star Metro, Spacing, and StrongTowns. Tristan has helped develop our methodologies and toolkits for assessing community health and wellbeing. He has led projects with national and municipal governments in Canada, the UAE and beyond, helping operationalize health research into design and policy. 

Tristan is an avid runner, rock climber and devoted husband.

Articles posted by Tristan

We can’t solve affordability while ignoring wellbeing
We can’t solve affordability while ignoring wellbeing
Walking is economic growth
Walking is economic growth
Why math and rigid rules aren’t enough to build great cities
Why math and rigid rules aren’t enough to build great cities


Tristan is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator. His thrilling keynotes have helped spread the message for happier, healthier communities across North American. Tristan has devoted his life and career to reforming the planning profession to ensure that building communities that support the basic needs of human health becomes the new minimum standard.


“Inspirational, eye-opening and thought provoking. Just the kind of speaker needed to get participants fired up at the conference.“

— Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA)


“With such a call to action, those in attendance may certainly make different choices. Your insights really impressed a great many of us.“

— Metropolitan Community College at Do Space, Omaha.


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