Accessibility legislation engagement for Alberta

Happy Cities is working with the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities for the Province of Alberta to conduct community engagement on potential accessibility legislation.

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Everyone deserves equal access to environments, spaces, and services.

In Alberta, the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities is exploring the potential for future accessibility legislation for the province, to make sure that everyone has full and equal participation in all aspects of Alberta life.

One in five people in Alberta report having a disability. Happy Cities is working with the Advocate to lead community engagement on how accessibility legislation can improve accessibility for all people who live, work, play, and learn in Alberta. Through an online survey and focus group discussions, we’re working to hear from people living with disabilities, advocates, and community organizations across Alberta, including their experiences with accessibility and the challenges that they, their family members, or people they care for have experienced.

A key goal of this public engagement is to identify ways that legislation can remove and prevent barriers that people face when accessing provincial spaces, programs, and services. The Advocate will use input from the public to make recommendations to the Government of Alberta on potential accessibility legislation.

To ensure any future legislation is effective and supported, we are engaging all sectors that will be impacted by the legislation, including the business community, transit authorities, major event organizers, and more.

The Advocate’s goal? To make Alberta the most accessible jurisdiction in the world.

We are excited to be working with Meaningful Access Consulting and Pe Metawe Consulting to conduct this engagement, and host several in-person and online focus groups.

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To learn more about public consultation for this project, we invite you to visit the Office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities web page:

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