Richmond community wayfinding strategy

Happy Cities is working with Entro to help people find their way around Richmond, BC.

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(Photo: Tourism Richmond)

Wayfinding connects people to their surroundings, helping them navigate around town.

Wayfinding elements—such as signage and landmarks—can direct people to essential services and identify the best routes for travelling through the city. Wayfinding can also promote attractions like parks, plazas, public art, and more.

Happy Cities is working with Entro to create a new Community Wayfinding Strategy for the City of Richmond, BC. The goal of the Strategy is to help people navigate through Richmond with ease—whether by foot, on wheels, or via public transit. Clear and creative wayfinding will enhance Richmond as a vibrant destination and community for residents and visitors alike—from Brighouse to Bridgeport, Steveston to City Centre, or wherever you need to go! 

Richmond’s Community Wayfinding Strategy will include recommendations for implementation, such as new signs, digital wayfinding systems, and potential pilot projects. To inform the Strategy, Happy Cities is conducting surveys, pop-up events, and focus group sessions to hear community members’ priorities and experiences of navigating Richmond. Public input will help shape the direction of the Community Wayfinding Strategy, such as by identifying areas around the city that will benefit from improved signage, and what new signage in Richmond should look and feel like. 

The City of Richmond is currently seeking input from local residents, until Mar. 26, 2023.

Photo show the sky train travelling on tracks above ground through Richmond City Centre. Below, people walk on a tree-lined street. Banners are installed along the street lamp poles that say "city centre" with an image of the skytrain
Wayfinding can help create a unique sense of place. (City of Richmond)

Wayfinding to support wellbeing

Beyond serving a purely navigational purpose, creative wayfinding can enhance a unique sense of place and local identity. Clear wayfinding is essential for ensuring accessibility, by helping people of all ages and abilities to find their way around the city and maintain independence. Further, studies show that good wayfinding systems can increase walking, contributing to a healthy, active lifestyle.

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