Madeleine Hebert

Senior Housing Specialist
Madeleine leads housing research projects at Happy Cities, working with professionals and communities to develop solutions to improve social connectedness, resilience, and wellbeing. Her work promotes collaborative approaches and ensures that spaces provide equitable opportunities for everyone.

Madeleine has experience designing educational facilities and housing projects across the province of B.C. She studies how buildings influence people’s lives after they move in, seeking to understand how big and small design decisions impact people’s wellbeing in various housing types. She enjoys meeting with clients and communities, analyzing requirements and context, and presenting creative solutions that bring their vision to life. Madeleine believes that collaboration and facilitating conversations is a critical part of the architectural profession.

Her educational background includes a multidisciplinary Environmental Design degree from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Architecture from Carleton University. She is registered as an Intern Architect AIBC.

In her free time, Madeleine enjoys rock climbing and spending time with her dog, Pina.

Projects Madeleine has worked on

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