Mitchell Reardon

Senior Planner
Mitchell Reardon
Mitchell is an award-winning community builder who specializes in healthy urban planning, design and research. Mitchell leads our work on Healthy Communities and Joyful Spaces.

Mitchell’s experiments, projects and research have helped clients achieve high standards in health, wellbeing and sociability in cities around the world, including Vancouver, Wuhan, Mexico City and Stockholm.

His work is informed by diverse and sometimes unorthodox approaches to urban planning, design, engagement and research. He has helped create smiles from Vancouver to Vijayawada and Denver to Rotterdam.

Mitchell has pioneered public space wellbeing assessments, deep engagement approaches and unique experiments on social trust. He has used tactical urbanism  interventions to bring life to laneways in Vancouver and other underperforming spaces in cities around the world.

Mitchell is an avid cyclist, snowboarder and passionate Vancouverite. He loves living the multimodal dream that Vancouver offers.

Projects Mitchell has worked on

Streets for People in 2020


Inclusive Engagement

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Walkable Rotterdam: Bloemhof

Inclusive Engagement

Joyful Spaces

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Pavement-to-Plaza Wellbeing Assessment

Inclusive Engagement

Joyful Spaces

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Articles posted by Mitchell

Can we design more trusting public spaces?
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Press release: Public Space Improvements Can Boost Trust Among Strangers
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Building bridges at a distance
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